What Drives My Work

Hi, I’m Blanca Diaz! I am a lifelong advocate for people. I have experience designing inclusive experiences in healthcare, finance, SaaS, and e-commerce. As someone who comes from a human-centric field, I understand the importance of keeping users at the forefront of every design decision.

At Stanford, I focused on the impact that designed spaces/art have on individuals’ perceived identities & their relationships to other communities & cultures.

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What Energizes Me

Black and White community portrait with many StreetCode volunteer the facing camera

Community: I come from a resilient community, East Palo Alto, that has been historically excluded from access to tech resources. That is why I founded the first free Spanish Tech Program at a non-profit in my community, StreetCode Academy. This is where I teach Python and computer literacy classes.

Yellow Techqueria Logo, under it reads Techqueria: Latinx in Tech

Growing & Improving: I am an Organizer for events in the UX community within Techqueria. Techqueria is the largest global community of Latine professionals with over 600+ UX professionals.

Image of Blanca (me) performing a dip during a dance performance

Dance: I choreograph and teach Bachata dance routines. When I could not find a dance team near me, I help co-found a bachata team where I instructed over 80 dancers and performed nationally.