My role

Lead Designer

my partners

VP of Product
Director of Branding

Business overview

Carrot fertility is a B2B2C organization that provides member with inclusive options to form their family. They offer access to providers for IVF, gestational surrogacy, adoption, etc. They also offer funds through the member's employer in order to help financially alleviate the emotional journey that individuals experience when forming a family.

For this project I was asked to redesign the physical and virtual benefit card member use to access their funds.

For this project I'd be balancing visual UI designs with assessing the hardware aspects that come with a physical card.

This redesign would reach the hands of over 1 million members.


Initially met with Stripe's team to help define the limitations and constraints of design a physical card.

I also went ahead and reviewed prototypes of plastics and metal cards in order to better inform the specs of the psychical card.

First explorations

After meeting to with Stripe card team to define design limitations and regulations, I went ahead and brainstormed explorations to review with the branding team lead.

Defining direction with team

After some initial feedback, I went ahead further narrowed down the direction of the design through a crit session to better simplify the design with minor color accents. Focused on what would speak to our branding as well as what provides an appropriate experience for a member using our card.

Final deliverable

I aligned with my leadership team and the external stripe team to finalize our design. We went a route that speaks to the clean elegance of our branding. Added an orange accent on the edge to make make it easily distinguishable in a member's wallet.

This card is utilized globally by over 1 million members.